Esquire's Bespoke


Below are the list of vendors that Esquire’s Bespoke worked with.



Famaco is a series of essential products like beauty cream, cleaning polishing lotion and Beeswax Polish Paste for leather works.

Famaco was created by Mr. Frederic Pfirter in 1931 and since then Famaco is still run by the Pfirter family and the headquarters as well as its production plant are based in Chatillon, near Paris.

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Leatherback Co.

Cincinati Leather Boutique

Leatherback Co. is a Singapore based company, an emerging leader in the design and production of luxury leather products, small leather goods and accessories.

Leatherback Co. curates and distributes original labels from emerging and established designers, out of which Cincinati Leather Boutique is one of the original labels.

Yimage Design Studio

Yimage Design Studio brings to you locally designed customisable jacketing inner lining. Designed by a team of Singapore designers, each design drew inspiration from its Singapore root, and expresses something close to each of our heart.

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Huddersfield Textile

Huddersfield Textiles luxuriously crafted collections of cloth come from the finest raw materials and are assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every cloth is designed, developed and produced to most exacting standards, to encapulate individualism.



Canclini was started 80 years ago in 1925 when the company was set up as part of the silk industry in the como area. At the end of 80s, the offices moved to the current location in Guanzate and now the company is one of the leading reference brands in the sector of high quality of shirting fabrics.

Earnest & Collective

Earnest & Collective is a Singapore company that is created with a vision to make quality shoes with modern convenience at a fair and honest price for the everyday man.

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